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Car drives through front door of South Riding Starbucks

An unfortunate morning in South Riding, where a driver accidentally drove through the front doors of a local Starbucks coffee shop. The incident happened at the South Riding Town Center.

That’s the shopping center at Tall Cedars Parkway and South Riding Boulevard that used to be anchored by a Food Lion supermarket.

So far, there aren’t many details available about how the accident happened, but people at the scene are telling us that nobody was injured.

We also spoke with an employee at the Starbucks who confirmed no one was hurt. The employee said the coffee shop is currently closed and they didn’t know when it would re-open.

The Burn has messages in to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and Loudoun County Fire Rescue for more details.

(Thanks to Katherine Ramirez for the photo of the incident.)


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  1. Dave 1 year ago

    How unusual, Starbucks people are always such great drivers and are never looking at their phones while they drive. She must be from Maryland

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