Brambleton Town Center could get more retail, residences

Regular visitors to the Brambleton Town Center on Ashburn’s south side have long wondered what was going to be built on the large open parcel of land on the other side of the street from the Himalayan Wild Yak restaurant. It stretches for an entire block down towards the Onelife Fitness center.

Signs posted on the site have long stated that it was the future home of more retail and office space. But sounds like that was not to be.

Based on new plans filed with the county,  there will be a little bit more retail space as well as additional residences — specifically four floors of apartments.

In the paperwork, the change in direction away from a bunch more commercial space is addressed: “The over 30-acre pedestrian-oriented Town Center now includes approximately 400,000 square feet of retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, offices, a gas station, fitness center, movie theater and the award-winning Brambleton library. It also includes forty-eight townhomes, some of which have been developed adjacent to the Property.”

“However, due to the availability of other commercial centers in and around Brambleton, together with changes in how we shop and work, a portion of the non-residential floorspace originally planned for the Town Center and approved in 1997, has not been absorbed. As such, the Property, remains undeveloped.”

The new proposal calls for a 5-story building to be built on the vacant land. The first floor would have a 3,200 s.f. retail space — located directly across from the Brambleton Library and the Rebel Taco restaurant.

The upper four floors would have 12 apartments each for a total of 48 residences.

Right now, the concept is just in the idea stage. Developers will be meeting with county officials to discuss the plans which involve rezoning the land. If they decide to move forward, they will file a formal application with the county and the ball will start rolling.