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Burning Question: What’s going in next to Dunkin’ in Leesburg?

Burning Question: Do you know what’s coming in the space next to Dunkin’ at Battlefield and Miller in Leesburg? We live in the area and we’ve noticed some activity. — Jennifer E.

You’re not the only one to wonder, Jennifer. We’ve gotten this question half a dozen times in the past few weeks as work has picked up on the space.

We actually wrote about this last month, but — as we have sadly learned — not everyone reads every single story we publish. (How this is possible, we can’t fathom.)

So to answer your question — you’re getting a Five Guys in the neighborhood. The entire space next to Dunkin’ is being taken by the Northern Virginia-based burger chain.

This spot is part of the Oaklawn development that also has a Chick-fil-A next door and a Sonic Drive-In under construction across the street.

Image: Five Guys

This will be the second Five Guys in Leesburg. The first one is in the Battlefield Shopping Center at the Leesburg Bypass and Edwards Ferry Road NE.

The new store is already listed on the Five Guys website, but there’s no target opening date attached to it yet. Right now, they are still framing out the walls inside, so an opening before sometime this summer is unlikely.

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