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Burning Question: What’s up with the new Arby’s in Stone Ridge?

Burning Question: I have not seen anything posted lately on your site about the new Arbys going in off Highway 50 across from Stone Springs Hospital. Any updates you can share? Thanks. — Gary H.

Fear not, Gary. Construction is underway. Currently, the site work is being done for the new Arby’s. Construction on the building should start soon.

Once a new project — like a restaurant, supermarket, or shopping center — gets all the needed approvals and permits, work basically unfolds in three stages.

  • First — crews take the untouched land, clear it, grade it, and put in the basic infrastructure. This might include sewers and underground utilities cables and conduits. It often includes roads, driveways, parking lots, and curbs.
  • When the site is ready, more crews show up and start putting down the building’s foundations and then the walls start going up. This is often called “going vertical” and it’s when more passers-by start to take notice.
  • After the building is done, it’s outfitted with all the equipment and furniture, fixtures and decor. Then the staff comes in, does their training, and the business is ready to open.

The Arby’s appears to be well into the site work phase, including roads and curbs encircling the site, which is located on the southwest corner of Highway 50 and Gateway Village.

Meanwhile, locals may be interested to hear that it’s not just Arby’s coming to that site. A second restaurant site — or pad — is in the works to go next door to the Arby’s.

However, no announcement has been made yet about what restaurant brand might take that second spot, so stay tuned.

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(Image at top: Arby’s)