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Dr. Jane Goodall responds to Ashburn boy’s question

Here’s a story about good things coming to those who wait.

In fall 2021, Willowsford resident Rupali Lach heard from a relative that CNN was soliciting questions from children that would be answered by experts. It was apparently part of a “feel good” project by the network’s online team to provide positive news during the pandemic.

The relative thought Lach’s son, Ronan, might like to submit a question. So Lach and her husband, Andrew, whipped out a phone and recorded Ronan – then a fifth-grader at Madison Trust Elementary  – asking the following:

“I wonder – are animals smarter than humans? For example, bees can count and do math. However, it took humans thousands of years to learn math. Could it be that only their bodies – not their minds – are limited?” 

The video was sent to and then… crickets. Not the literal crickets of the animal world, but rather the type of crickets that signify that Ronan and the Lach family heard absolutely nothing.

Until they did. Click here and head over to the Ashburn Magazine site to read about the big surprise one morning when Ronan found out that famous primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall had answered his question.