New in NoVa: Rice Culture opening sweet Asian waffle store

An Asian-themed sweet shop called Rice Culture is planning its first brick-and-mortar location here in Northern Virginia. And locals in Loudoun may already be familiar with the brand.

Rice Culture is a regular participant in the weekly EatLoco Farmer’s Market held at One Loudoun.

The pop-up shop specializes in a very unique pastry called a taiyaki. What is a taiyaki, you ask?

“Taiyakis are a popular Japanese street food dessert that is essentially a fish shaped waffle stuffed with a filling,” reads the Rice Culture website.

Images: Rice Culture

“It’s traditionally served with Red Bean Paste or Vanilla Custard, but here at Rice Culture, we took it up a notch by creating a variety of Asian-inspired fillings that reflect and honors our heritage while celebrating the wonderful flavors of Asia that we grew up eating. We also use rice flour in our batter to create a crazy chewy good, yet light waffle.”

The first Rice Culture permanent storefront will be Vienna at 2672 Avenir Place. It’s scheduled to open in November if everything stays on track.