Scream Loco haunting the Dulles Town Center this year

Scream LoCo is back for its second year bringing haunted house-type thrills and scares to Loudoun County. But this year, they are in a new location with a new theme.

The Funhouse — imagine a haunted carnival — will open Friday, October 6 inside the Dulles Town Center shopping mall.

“Step into the twisted world of The Funhouse, where the line between laughter and terror blurs,” the Scream LoCo website reads.

“As you navigate through disorienting mirrors, eerie clown performances, and unsettling illusions, you’ll feel your heart race with every step. Are you ready to face the nightmare lurking behind the carnival’s colorful facade?

Images: Scream LoCo

Scream LoCo is aimed at adults and teens. Younger children are permitted if parents think they can handle it — and there is also the option to buy a “chicken necklace” which wards off the evil clowns, but not the rest of the scares.

Scream LoCo has secured a roughly 4,000 s.f. space on the lower level in the mall for this year’s venue. It will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from October 6 through November 4.