Burning Questions

Burning Question: When will the Geo Washington Blvd overpass open in Ashburn?

Burning Question: Hi. Have you heard any update on when the Route 7 overpass connecting George Washington Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway will be open? — Jeff J.

Good question, Jeff. There’s a bit of murkiness, but it appears the answer is soon — as in a couple of weeks.

Work got started on the new overpass back in late 2021. As you say, the new four-lane roadway extends George Washington Boulevard on the north side of Route 7 across the highway to connect with Russell Branch Parkway on the south side.

The overpass also includes a bike and walking path on one side.

It provides a new point of ingress and egress to several neighborhoods and office parks that are bunched down there in the “dead end” area of the Geo Washington Boulevard.

Image: VDOT

We said the answer to this Burning Question is a bit murky. Here’s why. The Burn spoke with representatives at both the Loudoun County Department of Transportation and the Virginia DOT and they confirmed the current opening date for the overpass is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4. So, it can’t get much more official than that.

Nevertheless, we haven’t seen any official press release or announcement yet for the October 4 date. And the latest online update to the project still says it is expected to wrap up in mid-2024. So, they are way ahead of that schedule.

If the October 4 date holds, there is usually a ribbon cutting ceremony with local dignitaries and then the road opens to traffic a few hours later. Hopefully there will be more details on the schedule as we approach the date.