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Loudoun’s Russian School of Math helps students achieve high scores

If you believe that math is a critically important skill for kids to learn, then you’ll appreciate these numbers — 6, as in a team of students from the Russian School of Mathematics placed 6th out of 150 teams in the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament. Or how about 70,000+, as in the number of students currently attending RSM around the world.

And here’s one more number — 3, the number of degrees held by Abby Zhong, the principal of RSM’s Ashburn location. (She’s got two degrees in mathematics plus one in Education Leadership.)

Abby Zhong, principal at RSM in Ashburn

The Russian School of Mathematics began serving Loudoun County in 2017 with its location on Sycolin Road in Ashburn. The school was founded by Inessa Rifkin and Irina Khavinson — a passionate parent and a gifted teacher  who fled from the Soviet Union, came to the United States, and created a unique K-12 math curriculum that has worked wonders for thousands of children.

RSM in Ashburn

In fact, RSM students consistently outperform their peers on standardized tests such as the SAT, the MAP, and the SOL.

The curriculum encourages abstract thinking, logic, and applying previous knowledge. From early grades, students face multi-step problems, enhancing their problem-solving skills and building confidence in tackling challenging tasks.

The students at RSM in Ashburn are taught by expert teachers in a classroom environment of enthusiastic fellow students who study together year after year.

If you would like to learn more about RSM, its program, and what it can do for your children’s academics now — and in the future, visit the school’s website here or give them a call at 571-440-2020.

(This is a sponsored story on behalf of the Russian School of Mathematics.)