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The Keltz family of Ashburn finds together time in the spotlight

When you think of the world of modeling, you probably picture beautiful people, bright lights and glamorous locations while the cameras flash. What you probably don’t envision is – to put it delicately – doggie doo-doo.

“One time four of us got booked for a Virginia Beach tourism shoot,” said Broadlands mom Elaine Keltz. “We were supposed to look like a content and happy family sharing a picnic dinner overlooking a lake and right as we start in, a dog pulls up – out of camera shot, but right near us – and poops.” 

The family did the best they could not to react or laugh, but Keltz also says she never saw those photos appear anywhere. “I’m going to assume they didn’t make the cut,” she said.

Ah, such is the life of the typical family next door – a family that also spends a lot of time in front of cameras.

To read the rest of the article about the Keltz family — dad Billy; mom Elaine; son Jaden, 16; daughter Nina, 14, and daughter Alyssa, 13 — and how they juggle home life plus school and work with modeling and acting jobs around the region, click here and head over to the Ashburn Magazine website.