“Kitchen Commando” TV show debuts featuring Ashburn restaurant

Regular readers will remember that back in August, the Neighbors Sports Bar & Grill in Ashburn closed for several days while a production crew filmed a television episode there.

Now, that episode is ready to air and we’ve got a first look at the trailer (below).

The show is “Kitchen Commando” which appears on the Tubi streaming service. It features former US Army Master Sgt. and White House chef Andre Rush as he works to help save struggling restaurants.

The episode featuring Neighbors is part of a special Veteran’s Day episode. Neighbors — which specializes in both traditional bar favorites as well Puerto Rican dishes — is a veteran-owned business.

We’re told the official premiere of the show is tomorrow — Saturday, November 11. Neighbors will be holding a watch party starting at 7 p.m. Saturday. The restaurant is located at 42882 Truro Parish Drive in Ashburn.

Meanwhile, the episode should also appear on the free Tubi app after 8 p.m. this evening, Friday, November 10 in case you’re eager to check it out in advance.

You can see the trailer for the episode below.

Kitchen Commando Veterans Day Special | Official Trailer | A Tubi Original