New Turkish restaurant headed to Old Ashburn neighborhood

A change is afoot in the Ashburn restaurant scene — in the Old Ashburn neighborhood specifically. The popular Turkish restaurant Oxus 7 has been sold and we’re told the new owners will be changing the name and tweaking the concept.

Oxus 7 originally opened in Sterling in 2020 and helped introduce Turkish cuisine to the community. It moved to a spot at 20937 Ashburn Road in 2021 where it’s been ever since.

Now, new owners are coming in. We’re told the folks who operate the Anatolian Bistro in Herndon’s Worldgate Center are the ones taking over.

Anatolian Bistro is a Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant specializing in kebabs, lamb chops, and other favorites.

The name of the new re-branded restaurant in Ashburn will reportedly be Ephesus Cafe and we’re told it will likely be a different concept than Anatolian Bistro with a different menu. In case you were wondering, Ephesus was an ancient city in western Turkey.

Oxus 7 has closed in anticipation of the changeover and there’s no announced date yet for when the new restaurant will open, but we’re told it could be in the next few weeks. We’ve got a message into the new owners and we’re waiting on more details.

(Image at top: Anatolian Bistro)