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Hammerhead Construction is busy all over Ashburn — and beyond

Ashburn is growing – of that there is no doubt. New residential communities, new schools, new shopping centers and office parks. Every time you turn around, it seems another “coming soon” banner is hanging on a building or storefront.

Another sign you might see next to the banner is one featuring a shark – a hammerhead shark, to be precise. It’s a sign, pardon the pun, that Hammerhead Construction has landed another contract to help bring a new business to life.

One of those signs can be found in the window of the future X-Golf indoor golf facility under construction in the Broadlands Village Center.

Shane Sloden is an owner and managing partner of the new X-Golf. He already owns several other X-Golf locations around the country, but opening one in Ashburn has been a goal for this longtime Brambleton resident.

The future X Golf in Ashburn early in the construction process.

“I’ve been looking at Ashburn for quite some time,” Sloden said. “And I really wanted to have a local general contractor that I could work with and build a relationship with because I have plans for other locations here in Northern Virginia. Hammerhead was specifically chosen because I felt like they were the construction group that I could have that relationship with.” 

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