Ashburn Magazine

Voting has opened in annual “Best of Ashburn” competition

The Burn has favorites. Sure, we try to be impartial when it comes to our reporting, but we have favorites. The Thukpa Noodle Soup at Momo Roadhouse & Grill in Ashburn Village. The Hideaway Burger at The Lost Fox in One Loudoun. Pretty much any cocktail made by Phil at Ahso Restaurant in Brambleton.

Now, it’s time for Ashburn area residents to shout their favorites from the rooftops — or at least a digital rooftop — by casting their votes for their favorite people, places, and businesses in Ashburn Magazine’s annual “Best of Ashburn” contest.

Each year, the magazine (a partner publication of The Burn) gathers votes during February in more than 100 categories such as Best Wings, Best Ice Cream/Froyo Shop, Best Pet Grooming, Best Local Golf Course, and more.

And there are some new categories this year as well — things like Best Day Trip, Best Sushi, and Best Curry.

Voting is already open — so head over to the Best of Ashburn 2024 website here and help pick the winners. You can vote in each category once per day, so as they say in Chicago — vote early and vote often. (Old joke, sorry.)

The winners will be highlighted in the May issue of Ashburn Magazine.