Spitz Mediterranean in Leesburg won’t open this week

It’s looks like Spitz Mediterranean Street Food  — a new restaurant at the Village of Leesburg — got the proverbial cart before the horse.

Several weeks ago, the company had announced on social media that they would open this Friday. But that’s not going to happen.

The Burn stopped by today and — best case scenario — they are still at least several weeks away from being ready to open.

Construction is still underway. That means final inspections probably haven’t happened — and no restaurant can open its doors until they do.

Back in late January, the eagerly anticipated new fast casual restaurant buoyed hopes when they said that Friday, February 9 would be opening day. 

The 1,800 s.f. restaurant has been in the works since mid-2022 or earlier.

Nationally, the brand has more than 20 locations open or in the works in nine states. According to the Spitz website, the Leesburg location will be its first restaurant east of the Mississippi.