In a big win for parents, Crooked Run Brewing and Señor Ramon Taqueria are opening together across the street from Rebounderz and Sudden Combat on Davis Drive.

(Update: Crooked Run has announced an opening date of Feb. 10 for its new location.)

Crazy good news for current and future Ashburn parents who regularly trek to the far side of State Road 28 in order to take their kids to Rebounderz. An artisan brewery and gourmet taco restaurant are opening across the street at 22455 Davis Drive.

crooked run brewery

Crooked Run Brewing, a nano-brewer with a small operation in downtown Leesburg announced last summer that they were adding a much larger second location on Davis Drive just east of 28. Now comes word that another Leesburg establishment — the year-old Señor Ramon Taqueria will also open a second location, inside the 1,400 s.f. tasting room at the new Crooked Run location.

Señor Ramon is known for both traditional Mexican tacos filled with carne aside, shredded pork, stewed chicken, spicy lamb and even tripe. They also have specialty tacos featuring ingredients like crispy shrimp, lime adobo chicken and other unique meats and toppings. Crooked Run is known for creative brews featuring unique flavors and memorable names like Braveheart, Stovepipe and Starfire.

senor ramon's

Instead of sitting in the parent waiting area, The Burn can imagine dropping your kids off at Rebounderz (if they’re old enough to stay alone), then heading across the street for a microbrew (only one if you’re driving) and a taco. Much better way to pass the time. The new location is scheduled to open Feb. 10.

  1. Bobbie 7 years ago

    Is Sterling, VA so awful that it can only be represented as “east of Ashburn” and “the place you take your kids to Rebounderz”??!!

  2. The Burn 7 years ago

    Bobbie, we are an Ashburn-focused blog, so everything we write is written from the Ashburn angle.

  3. Dave 7 years ago

    Sudden Combat has been closed since August. Where is the story on that?

    • The Burn 7 years ago

      Thanks for the update. Not sure what happened but they are indeed closed. We’ve tweaked the story. Thank.

  4. J.Smith 7 years ago

    Stopped here the 1st week it opened. Sorely disappointed by – not by the beer, but rather the tacos, if you could have called them that. Mine were skimpy (hardly any meat) and soggy. Of course the pictures are never what the average customer would get. Advertisements always look great, don’t they?

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