The first Lidls in the U.S. have opened and we’ve got the photos.

Lidl is coming to Ashburn and we’ve got your first glimpse of what local residents can expect when they walk inside.

The Burn first reported about Lidl (rhymes with “needle”) last October — how the German-based grocer was making a major push into the United States and had chosen a spot in Ashburn at the northwest corner of Claiborne Parkway and Broadlands Boulevard.

While construction is underway at the Ashburn location aiming for a presumed 2018 opening, the Lidl brand celebrated a major milestone this past week as they opened their first 10 stores in the United States. Six Lidls opened in North Carolina, two in South Carolina and two in Virginia (Virginia Beach and Hampton).

Billed as a cross between Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter, Lidl is known for its bakery, its wines and, perhaps most importantly, it’s lower prices. Take a look at the images below from the new Lidl stores that just opened — you can bet the Ashburn Lidl will look very similar.

Images: Lidl

  1. Diana Felling 5 years ago

    Is it Aldi, I am reading LIDl?

  2. The Burn 5 years ago

    Diana. Two separate stores. This is Lidl. Aldi is opening across the street in the old Safeway space.

  3. simple20 5 years ago

    The logo is odd? German company similar to Aldi stores. Not a Great track record on how they treat their employees from what i’ve read.

  4. Nancy 5 years ago

    When is the one in Chantilly planning to open?

  5. Brian Morton 5 years ago

    When is the grand opening?

  6. IloveRunning 5 years ago

    What is going on with hard discount stores in Broadlands? They usually sell lower quality goods (and Aldi is no exception after testing last week), which I’m not really interested in.

    • DoS minion 5 years ago

      Ok. Typical Ashburn Snob!! There’s nothing wrong with Lidl and Aldi. They serve a purpose. Groceries.

  7. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I was station in the United Kingdom when I first came across LIDL. This store is remarkable for the fresh fruits and vegetables; variety of nuts; the best smoked salmon; German packaged Deli meats; fresh-not frozen meats; and most of all their Bakery. The Bakery is their most pride possession. The bake goods are incrediable. Their prices are excellent and LIDL is one of the best Grocery store that I have ever visited.

  8. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Do we see Trump Tariff impact on the prices :-))))

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