The center is turning its focus to more retail, offices and even a hotel.

For years, One Loudoun has chased its own “Field of Dreams,” hoping to see a sports stadium built on a part of the development’s property. It was once supposed to the home to the Loudoun Hounds, an Atlantic League baseball team, as well as a minor league soccer team. Other uses have been sought as well. Now, it appears the dream is over and instead, One Loudoun is moving forward with intriguing new plans for the land.

Working with Loudoun County officials, the owners of One Loudoun are seeking to have the 23 acres for the planned stadium rezoned in order to incorporate it back into the One Loudoun we know and love — a mix of restaurants, retail, offices and homes. Among the plans for the additional space — an expansion of the “Downtown District” (restaurants and stores) as well as additional office space and possibly even a craft brewery. The center is also pursuing a 125,000 s.f. hotel. This is interesting as another new hotel — a WaterWalk Hotel — is also underway just a few blocks away in the nascent Commonwealth Center (where Top Golf is).

The yet-to-be developed portion of One Loudoun along Route 7, including the former sports stadium location. (Image: Google Maps)

As far as the stadium is concerned, officials feel they did all they could to make it happen. “We worked really hard for six years trying to make it happen, but at some point, you’ve got move on,” Bill May, a VP with Miller & Smith and a spokesperson for One Loudoun, told The Loudoun Newsletter. “We have explored every avenue for a ballpark with baseball, soccer. We’ve had interest from other sports as well, but we haven’t been able to put a deal together that worked.”

A old rendering of the planned One Loudoun stadium.
  1. Rob Rader 4 years ago

    What exactly is intriguing about more overpriced restaurants and retail? If you can’t deliver what you promised to residents, leave it as open space and a park for families. Please don’t oversaturate with retail.

  2. Doug 4 years ago

    Here comes Paid Parking!

  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    That’s sad… Just what this area needs more shopping..

  4. Rob Blackstone 4 years ago

    There are literally HUNDREDS of minor league baseball teams all over the country.

    And they couldn’t find a single one willing to re-locate to Loudoun? I find that hard to believe and doubt they were looking very hard. The developers were probably thrilled when the stadium deal fell through, now they get to build more housing.

  5. Mark 4 years ago

    That is too bad, a stadium would have been a great addition to Loudoun County and provided many nights of great family entertainment at a reasonable cost. Could really have been one of the nicer minor league stadium setups in the country.

  6. eric 4 years ago

    Unbelievable, after promising those residents who purchased those expensive homes in One Loudoun a vision of a minor league baseball/soccer field for family outings in walking distance. I would like to see a inquiry by there representative, which I believe is Ron Meyer, to look into how much effort was really put into this project. These developers could care less about the people.

  7. Ehcks 4 years ago

    As a resident of One Loudoun, I am not dismayed by the deal falling through. The location was never appropriate to support that land use. Not that a minor league game is going to draw professional level traffic. Let’s be honest. It’s just ASHBURN and not ATLANTA. Realistically, the county and developers need to seriously consider the needs of the community. I disagree with more overpriced restaurants being added. Emphasis on overpriced. The county needs more cultural centers for a diversifying region and affordable housing. YES! AFFORDABLE. Let’s consider options for making life affordable in this county and not for the pretend affluent in an effort to separate people from their hard earned money.

  8. Jim A. 4 years ago

    Ehcks- The stadium was supposed to be 5,500 seats at most. Traffic would have been bad for about a half hour before and after the games. That’s not even close to what a pro team would draw. All the complaints about traffic are way overblown, considering games would have been after 7 pm on weekdays and on weekends.
    This wasn’t even “minor league” baseball as people keep saying, it was the Atlantic League, not associated with any pro teams or MLB at all.
    People’s ridiculous complaints were sad to listen to. Well, I hope everyone gets what they wished for- more chain restaurants and office buildings that will add traffic to the rush hours. Enjoy that!

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