The center will be anchored by a Cinépolis luxury movie theater.

After years of waiting, it appears that the eagerly-anticipated Avonlea Town Center just south of Ashburn along Highway 50 is close to getting underway. This large retail and office center looks like it could be another “One Loudoun” in the area — with a huge luxury movie theater as the centerpiece and surrounding buildings filled with restaurants, shops and offices.

Cinépolis is the name of the theater that is slated to go into the new center. It’s part of a Mexican-based luxury theater chain with more than a dozen locations in the US. Many of its theaters offer reclining seats, in-theater food service, a full bar and more. So far, no word on any other retail tenants that might have signed leases for Avonlea.

Images: Cinépolis

L.F. Jennings, a major general contractor in the area, is heading up the Peterson Companies project and bids from area sub-contractors are now being accepted for what appears to be the first two Avonlea buildings — Buildings A and C on the map above. Those will include retail spaces on the first floor with offices above.

For Ashburn residents — especially those in southern Ashburn (Broadlands, Brambleton, etc.) — the drive down the newly opened Loudoun County Parkway puts Highway 50 and the future Avonlea Town Center closer to them than some of the other major centers in the area, such as the Village at Leesburg and One Loudoun.

Images: Peterson Cos.


  1. Anonymous 5 years ago

    BS news.. no meat to it.. no timeframe or inside info …

  2. Anne 5 years ago

    I hope they lease to tenants like Reston, Tyson’s and Ashburn have – Cooper’s Hawk, Paul, Mom’s Organic, Tommy Bahama, Anthropologie, Lilly Pulitzer. At least a bistro. We have enough pizza parlors & convenience stores, don’t we?

  3. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Unfortunately this article does not speak about a timetable and/or when this center will be opening…tired of seeing renderings after all these years 🙁

  4. STEPHANIE WEEKS 5 years ago

    But Regal Cinema in Brambleton and Starplex in Loudoun Station are right on the way to this for Ashburn Residents…..I don’t understand the closer line

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      Currently, both Brambleton Town Center and Loudoun Station are smaller complexes with fewer dining options than larger ones like VIL and OL. Also, from what we understand, the theater at Avonlea may be a more luxury experience akin to Alamo Drafthouse with special events and full bar and dining, and even waiter service to your seat. Many people in southern Ashburn drive to VIL or OL and this will be a third option when Brambleton and Loudoun Station don’t suffice.

  5. feathers 5 years ago

    You know what’s not coming to Ashburn? Green Space. A “Central Park” for eastern Loudoun is desperately needed! Virginia should just change the state license plate motto to “Virginia is for Builders.”

  6. Kara 5 years ago

    This is awesome!!!!! I live in Stone Ridge and have been eagerly awaiting this project to HAPPEN!

  7. AD 5 years ago

    Do you have any information on the Bid(s)? I can’t seem to find them online in order to confirm that there’s been movement on this project.

  8. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Is this true?!?!? Supervisor Matt said that he didn’t understand why this article was published because there is no real update other than Peterson company hiring a new PR firm. So a lot of ppl had their hopes up that maybe avonlea was finally moving forward.

  9. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Excited – it’s been a long time coming! Do you know who the other tenant is? From all the updates from Supervisor Matt, he said that once they got another tenant, they could build. So I’m hoping that this means they got another tenant and they will actually start building it out….

  10. Anonymous 5 years ago

    This is not happening… It’s Aldie/South Riding not South Ashburn.

  11. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Heavy skepticism here. Until I see money being spent on site development and a schedule this is speculation, not a project.

  12. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I wonder if the residents of 15000 homes in the South Riding And Aldie area will be able to make it to avonlea plaza when they are not visiting a harris teeter or the South Riding Inn

  13. Darin 5 years ago

    “…close to getting underway…” Do you have anything to support this statement?

  14. Constance Laguardia 5 years ago
    • Darin 5 years ago

      Excellent! Maybe spring/summer 2019. Thank you for posting this.

  15. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Supervisor Matt playing both sides. Liberal running as Republica

  16. Concern 4 years ago

    Movie theater is a big plus… I wish there will be Wegmans, capital one bank, different kinds of high ends restaurants, high ends retail stores. When is the estimated Date of operation? This will cater most of the Stone Ridge and nearby neighborhood aside from Ashburn. Thank you.

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