The store is popular for the colossal donuts sold in its bakery.

A little far afield, but it’s worth noting that the Shoppers Food store in Sterling’s Sugarland Crossing shopping center is closing next month. Store employees confirm that the last day will be July 14.

Image: Shoppers

While the store has all the departments you would expect in a grocery store — meat department, produce section, etc. — it sounds like the thing locals will miss most are the Shoppers’ “Colossal” donuts in the bakery. People rave about the over-sized donuts as well as the crullers and other pastries.

Image: Shoppers

Shoppers started way back in 1949 as Jumbo Food Stores and is currently part of the Supervalu family of stores. There are currently roughly 50 stores in the greater DC area, including more than a dozen in Northern Virginia. The next closest one locally was in Herndon, but we’re told that one also recently closed. Word is a Giant is taking over that space. Nor word on what will be taking over the Sterling location.

(Thanks to reader Mia Zurcher for the news tip.)

(Image at top: Google Maps)

  1. AngryFart 5 years ago

    NOOOOOO!!!!!! This was THE place to get donuts in the morning. This is terrible news!

  2. Jim 5 years ago

    The Herndon one along with many others is closing as well

  3. Jimmy Frye 5 years ago

    I work for giant.the Herndon giant is moving to former herndon shoppers beginning of year

  4. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Disappointed….. just recently started shopping at this store. I love their hot food bar! For a single lady that meant I didn’t have to cook!

  5. Mooo 5 years ago

    It’s horrible… I love Shoppers.. They closed the ones in Manssas, Centreville and one in Woodbridge as well. I just went to the one in Falls Church, I have a strong feeling that one is next on the chopping block because alot of the shelves were empty which I knew was a problem in both Centreville and Manssas right before they closed. I know the Manssas store closed not because of performance issues, but because they couldn’t negotiate a better lease. The upside is that Publix is coming to Fredericksburg, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start taking over some of these Publix that is closing. Lidil, Harris Teeter, Giant, Safeway and Wegmans is proving to be too much for it I guess.

  6. Rob Blackstone 5 years ago

    Yet Giant and Safeway somehow stay in business…sigh.

    • Marla 5 years ago


  7. doob 5 years ago

    i still go there everyday because i can walk to it. they used to be a low price store with good quality. not so much the last few years. oh well…

  8. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I am really sorry to see them go. The Sterling store is right around the corner from me. I stop in at least once a week. The staff is like family!

  9. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I’ve been shopping there since 1985 when it was Basics. I’m going to miss them

  10. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I recently commented to my husband that
    Shoppers feels deserted if you go there sometimes, one checkout point open and you hardly see someone working. Sad that they’ve closing, best doughnuts by far.

  11. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I’ve been a regular customer for nearly 2 decades. I was there yesterday and there were only a few aisle with anything on them, and hardly any workers. It was the same sad atmosphere I witnessed in the last days of Circuit City about a decade earlier.

  12. Anonymous 5 years ago

    This was our everyday, one stop grocery store. very disappointed.

  13. Randy Rolin 5 years ago

    Shoppers used to be great, but over the past months you could definitely feel it slipping away. Not much discounted pricing and actually kind of high. However not as bad as Giant or Shoppers. Too bad, because the closest to the house for convenient pick ups. Wish a Wegman’s or even a Food Lion would fill the space so we could have one on this side of Sterling.

  14. Marla McGill Ivey 5 years ago

    I will miss the cronuts and the colossal donuts. Sighhhh

  15. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I’m so sad, I was shocked yesterday going there and it was closed!! It was kinda looking a good friend, personnel there was always great, hope they will relocate soon.

  16. AKA 4 years ago

    Yes the donuts were great popular there cronuts far better tasting pricing than Dunkins overpriced lousy cronuts. Obviously Donuts couldn’t keep them afloat and the people loving the store so much didn’t love enough

  17. Anonymous 4 years ago

    They had the best blueberry bagels ????

  18. Maria Hawkins 4 years ago

    I used the donuts as art models , before my students were allowed to have one. It was a special treat for Mardi Gras. I loved the rolls, I loved the bear claws and their apple fritters. I really miss shoppers.
    M. H.

  19. Aye Aye Ron 4 years ago

    The grocery store market in Loudoun makes absolutely no sense to me. Let’s take a drive up Route 7 from Dransville to Leesburg. There is Giant to the south of 7, the now closed Shoppers, a Harris Teeter in the Cascades Overlook that opened less than 2 years ago, Giant in the Cascades, Safeway and Aldi in Countryside, Fresh Market that closed and now soon to be Trader Joes in One Loudoun, another Harris Teeter in the Ashbook Commons Center, Whole Foods in Belmont Chase, Harris Teeter in Landsdowne, Wegmans in the villages of Leesburg and a Giant in the Marketplace at Potomac Station. And that does not include Target and Wal-mart or the Wegmans in the Dulles 28 Center or other stores just a minutes away from Leesburg Pike. I dont think you can pick a house in eastern Loudoun and not reach a grocery store in less than 5 minutes. It sounds great until stores start to closing. Market saturation. Who is running this county?

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