The new restaurant is in the Goose Creek Village shopping center.

Big news on the burger front today as the new restaurant The Burger Shack opened for business. Management had said they were targeting July 9th, and darned if they didn’t do it.

The new restaurant is on the upper level at Goose Creek Village (Sycolin and Belmont Ridge) across the parking lot from the Harris Teeter grocery store.

The Burn has written about The Burger Shack extensively (see stories here and here), but to catch you up, the first Burger Shack is in Chantilly and has proven very popular. The owners are Loudoun County residents and picked fast-growing Ashburn as their second location.

The interior is all wood and shades of red, while outside there is a lovely patio for dining al fresco. The menu (see it here) is obviously burger-centric, but has other options as well.

Image: The Burger Shack
  1. WILLIAM KRUEGER 6 years ago

    Typo on the menu – Should be Malts not Melts

  2. Bi 6 years ago

    Nothing like $15 for a cheeseburger fries and a drink-not

    • Darin 6 years ago

      Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. McDonald’s is down the road.

  3. Bill 6 years ago

    Had lunch here todays. The Chicago Dogs and fries were really good. A bit slow service but not too slow. I think they are still learning

  4. nyltiak 6 years ago

    Went there and waited an hour for the food. Very slow. Workers kept inviting his friends to the front of the line. No more than one table had food at once, and it wasn’t anything to write home about.

  5. SkippityHoppity 6 years ago

    Not bad. I’m sure they will be busy with all of the construction across the street.

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