UPDATE: On May 8, county officials issued an update saying their original information was incorrect or outdated. The new timeline for the removal of the light at Lexington Drive is the first half of 2020. See story here.

One of the most frequent questions we get here at The Burn is when is the traffic light at Route 7 and Lexington Drive in Ashburn going to be removed. It’s been in the plans for ages and — with all the new flyovers built in recent years — the light at Lexington is the last big hang-up between Sterling and Leesburg.

It’s a source of constant frustration for commuters at rush hour.

So we reached out to Glen Barbour, a spokesperson with Loudoun County. Here is his response:

“The removal of the traffic signal at Route 7 and Lexington Drive is planned as part of the project to extend Riverside Parkway between Lexington Drive and Loudoun County Parkway. Construction of this project is expected to start this summer.”

“Once construction begins, traffic currently accessing Route 7 from Lexington Drive will be re-routed to the Route 7 and Ashburn Village Boulevard interchange. Once these changes are made, the signal at Route 7 and Lexington Drive will be removed.”

“We anticipate signal removal to occur in Summer or Fall of 2019. It’s still a little too early to pinpoint the exact date when the change at that intersection will occur, but notifications to the public will be made in advance.”

Images: Google Maps

So there you go  — barring any changes, the intersection should be closed and the signal gone by this fall, possibly even this summer. There is an end in sight, commuters. Keep the faith.