Cuban Restaurant opening at Dulles 28 Centre

The new fast-casual restaurant will serve classic Cuban cuisine like roast pork and Cuban sandwiches.

Cuban Food

Earth-shaking news on the local restaurant front — looks like eastern Loudoun County is finally getting a full-fledged Cuban restaurant.

(Full disclosure: The Burn loves Cuban food almost as much as we love fried chicken, so forgive us any hyperbole.)

The new eatery will be called Cubita Libre and it will be taking over the end corner unit at the Dulles 28 Centre in Sterling, where Uncle Maddio’s Pizza was located years ago, next door to the Tom Dolan Swim School. That’s the same center where Target and Wegmans are located.

Image: Google Maps

It appears the restaurant will be in the fast-casual style — ordering at a counter and then bringing your food to a table. For fans of Cuban food, the menu looks promising. All the items you would hope for: roast pork, picadillo, ropa vieja, Cuban sandwiches, tostones, croquettes, papas rellenas and more. Check out the full menu here.

The name Cubita Libre roughly translates to “Free Little Cuba.” The expression Cuba Libre, which means Free Cuba, is both the name of a cocktail and a rallying cry for folks who want to see Cuba free of communism.

The original Cubita Libre opened in Bangor, Maine. The Sterling location will be the second one for the brand. The owners tell us they hope to open sometime in late July or early August.

Images: Cubita Libre
  1. Jim A. 3 years ago

    This is good news! I love Cuban food!
    Chris, I’m interested to know which is your favorite fried chicken in the Ashburn area- I find it hard to find good fried chicken, but I’ve been pleased with Frito Chicken since they opened.

    • The Burn 3 years ago

      Hi Jim. Perhaps my tastes are too simple, but I’m a Popeyes guy. I also like Roy Rogers fried chicken out in Leesburg. Also, Krispy Krunchy down at the Liberty gas station on 50 is good if you get it right out of the hopper.

      • Jim A. 3 years ago

        I love Popeye’s too, but I tell myself I’m not eating fast food when I eat my beloved fried chicken at Frito, Haha. I used to love Roy Rogers chicken as well, just never trusted that lone location in Leesburg to be “authentic”. I had heard about Royal Farms for years before they opened here, but didn’t think it was anything special.

        • The Burn 3 years ago

          Whatever helps you sleep at night. 😉 There are actually two Roy Rogers locations in Leesburg, and I never let sketchiness deter me from a fried chicken dinner. RoFo is OK in a pinch, but not in my Top 5.

  2. Sean 3 years ago

    Fried chicken? If you aren’t making it at home in a cast iron skillet, then head over to BonChon. One in Sterling, one in Leesburg.

    Korean fried chicken will change your life. If there were any justice in this world, half the KFC’s on Earth would magically transform into BonChon.

  3. TampaQ 3 years ago

    This is great news! But…the Cuban sandwich in the photo isn’t pressed (or on Cuban bread) and I don’t see guava pastries on the menu.

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