One of Ashburn’s Burgerim locations closes — after less than a year

Loudoun County’s other two Burgerim locations are still open.

One of the Burgerim sliders and wings restaurants in Ashburn has apparently closed, amidst deep problems for the national brand. Tipsters are telling The Burn that the Burgerim location at Ashburn Crossroads has closed. That restaurant center is better known as Pipeline Plaza.

A “closed” sign has been taped to the front door and the restaurant’s phone number appears to be disconnected. It’s a terribly quick demise — the restaurant just opened in April 2019.

Besides the Pipeline Plaza location, there are two other Burgerim locations in Loudoun County. One in the Brambleton Town Center and one on Loudoun County Parkway in South Riding. Both of those locations are still open.

Image: Burgerim

The brand, which apparently originated in Israel, came into the United States like gangbusters. It started in California and expanded quickly, selling franchises and opening locations across the country. Apparently, the national brand may now be considering a reorganization or bankruptcy of some sort. A recent article on the industry site “Restaurant Business” was titled “The Burgerim Disaster.” You can read more here.

Image: Burgerim

We did confirm that — at this early point — there is no new tenant lined up for that space yet. It’s a prime spot — tucked in between a Starbucks and a Potbelly. Stay tuned.



  1. Fred 4 years ago

    I ate at the Ashburn BurgerIM once. Once. The people were friendly and pleasant, but I found the food unremarkable. I had a trio of their sliders (1 each of lamb, chicken, beef) and only the lamb struck me as anything worth repeating.

    The restaurant business is brutal, and I hate to see any business go under, but I didn’t feel BurgerIM lived up to its promise.

  2. Brandon 4 years ago

    Sadly it makes sense. There are too many new franchises trying to weasel their way in and a majority of them just don’t appeal to our community. Burgerim just didn’t fit. In my opinion, this plaza needs a mom-and-pop-shop style restaurant. Supporting small businesses!

  3. Josie 4 years ago

    Unfortunate. Service was horrible and the food wasn’t that good anyway.

  4. KAJ Smit 4 years ago

    Okay here a better burger place! The best burgers in the area buns-down is BurgerFi in Leesburg! Chris and team make the healthiest, pure tasting burgers! Try a BurgerFi Pils. Tell AJ sent you…!

  5. Ed 4 years ago

    Duh! Burgers are unhealthy animal flesh full of fat and cholesterol. Open a healthy join and watch your business thrive.

    • David 4 years ago

      “Hold my cheeseburger”
      –Shake Shack

      “I’ll take four, please”

  6. Swanky McDanky 4 years ago

    Burger Shack in Goose Creek is 1000 times better and locally owned, I think.

  7. Ronan 4 years ago

    Please open something healthy there… It must be obvious for an area like ours. The demand is there!

  8. Dave Lambers 4 years ago

    That’s a terrible location, nearly invisible unless you happen to be a Starbucks customer. Plus it sounds like the food was unremarkable, so competing against the other burger places was going to be tough anyway.

    • Ronan 4 years ago

      Yeah – That’s true. The location is horrible. Almost as bad “The V”, which recently closed down. It’s a nightmare to get to if you’re traveling eastbound on Waxpool.

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