Mokomandy in Sterling announces permanent closure

The well-known restaurant won repeated accolades for its Korean-Cajun inspired menu.

Devastating news for local foodies — the iconic Mokomandy restaurant in Sterling has announced it is permanently closed. Northern Virginia Magazine first reported the news today.

Mokomandy opened in 2010 in an unassuming storefront in Great Falls Plaza, a neighborhood shopping center anchored by a Food Lion grocery store. It was the brainchild of Thaddeus Kim and his parents Yoon Ki and Miranda Kim. They hired Executive Chef Daniel Stevens and the rest is history.

Image: Google Maps

With a menu that was a fusion of Korean and Cajun culinary influences, diners were constantly in for unique dishes and memorable meals. Mokomandy won local and national accolades. It was named a Top 50 restaurant by Northern Virginia Magazine nine years in a row. Washingtonian Magazine repeatedly named it one of the region’s Top 100 restaurants.

From its famous Foie Gras Dumplings to dishes like Bone Marrow with Onion Jam and Brioche and a Wild Boar Bowl with Local Duck Egg, dining at Mokomandy was always an adventure. (The Burn first tried a Piscou Sour with a raw egg white in it at Mokomandy.)

Owner Thaddeus Kim blames the closure on the fallout from Covid-19 and the restaurant’s refusal to cut corners and lower the quality of the food. You can see the full article at Northern Virginia Magazine here.

  1. Scott Gammans 3 years ago

    Dang. This one hurts. Me and the missus used to go there 5-6 times a year. I hope Thaddeus Kim opens a new restaurant someday — I will be there on opening day!

  2. D.A. Trappert 3 years ago

    This is sad, as it was a unique place. The quality of the food and service was quite uneven, however, over the several years I patronized Mokomandy.

    • Melinda 3 years ago

      Wow. That is such a kind thing to say. They needed that!

  3. Brett 3 years ago

    Restaurant was over rated and over priced. Will not be missed.

    • Josh 3 years ago

      I’ll miss it. Speak for yourself.

  4. Julia 3 years ago

    I will miss it. A lot of people in the area will too. I hope they find a way to come back.

  5. Mr. Slushy 3 years ago

    WRONG!!! They are closing due to the shutdown that is ordered by complete and utter morons who know nothing about virus’s or businesses

    • Stacey H 3 years ago

      Exactly! How many more great businesses are going to be harmed by these idiotic restrictions.

  6. Mike 3 years ago

    This was my all time favorite restaurant in the area; really bummed to hear this. It was a concept that worked because it was small and intimate. I loved how you’d see the same waitstaff there season after season.

  7. Paige 3 years ago

    SOO very sad to see this! This was my husband and my FAVORITE restaurant in the area and we celebrated a few birthdays and anniversaries there. We consistently had an exceptional time there with outstanding food/drinks and great service. Truly heartbreaking.

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