Large crowds turn out for peaceful protest in Leesburg

The march was in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died while being arrested by local police officers.

A large crowd of protesters marched peacefully through the streets of downtown Leesburg — some chanting “Black Lives Matter — before gathering on the lawn of the Lee County Courthouse where several speakers addressed the crowd.

The march was in response to the death of George Floyd during an arrest last week by Minneapolis police. The arrest and restraint of Floyd was captured on video and has ignited a firestorm of protests — some violent — in cities around the nation.

Many of the marchers carried signs that decried Floyd’s death and the treatment of black Americans by law enforcement agencies. When they gathered at the courthouse, they surrounded the Confederate soldier statue that stands on the grounds and has been a source of contention for years. Speakers included leaders from the local NAACP organization as well as Phyllis Randall, the chairwoman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton.

A Leesburg Police Department spokesperson said the event was peaceful and there were no arrests or incidents. One police officer was seen applauding along with the protesters, while another was spotted taking a photograph for some of the marchers. The department estimated the crowd at around 500 people, although some in attendance believe it was at least double that. (More photos below.)

Image courtesy of Izzy Sullivan


  1. Brian 3 years ago

    This is dope.

  2. Not a LWNJ 3 years ago

    Looks like Social Distancing is no longer necessary; Based on the events of the last week; the entire China Virus quarantine appears to be over. Governments won’t let me go to the gym, get a haircut etc but people can gather like this. All right, I get it thats what the Democrats do when you put them in office

  3. DL Lawrence 3 years ago

    So who organized this and how was communication conducted?

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