It’s the news McAlister’s Deli fans have been waiting for. The new Ashburn location for the popular deli chain will officially open its doors next Monday, August 10. A big banner over the door is counting down the days.

The Burn got a look inside today. Training for a group of mask-wearing staffers was in full swing and the name Ashburn appears large on one of the walls in the dining room. (Personally, we’re digging the orange-and-aqua Howard Johnson’s color scheme for any of you old enough to remember that.)

Back in January, The Burn first broke the news about McAlister’s setting up shop in Ashburn — its first Loudoun County location. It’s opening in the Ashbrook Marketplace shopping center next to the new Planet Fitness and across the parking lot of a Lidl grocery store. The center is at the corner of Russell Branch Parkway and Ashburn Village Boulevard.