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Coffee shop, bar coming to Brambleton’s Regal Fox movie theater

The major renovations should be unveiled later this month.

A major make-over the Regal Fox movie theater is nearly complete and it’s bringing a host of new features to Ashburn’s original movie multiplex.

The Burn first told you last October about the reported $3 million dollar project at the theater in the Brambleton Town Center, but we only had a smattering of details. Then the coronavirus pandemic shut theaters down for several months. Now, the Regal Fox is back open and we’re learning much more about what’s been going on there during the closure.

  • A Lavazza coffee bar and and a B-Fresh smoothie bar are being built in the lobby, on either side of the entrance.

  • Ticketing will now be primarily handled at self-serve kiosks in the middle of the lobby. The former box office is gone, but people can buy tickets from the concession stand if they need help.

  • Speaking of the concession stand, it too is getting a make-over and we’re told it will feature an upgraded menu with more items prepared in the new onsite kitchen.
  • At one end of the concession stand, an actual bar is under construction — as in booze. Staff tells us you will be able to take your drinks with you when your movie starts.
  • The hallways leading to the various theaters have been decked out in glowing lights. It feels like you’re on a space ship.

  • We’re told the theaters themselves have gotten make-overs as well, including new seats. Some have seats that recline partially, other have the full-on reclining seats that have become popular in theaters these days.
  • Finally, there is a 4DX theater that includes special seats that vibrate and move in sync with the film. The 4DX theater reportedly features simulated wind, fog, lightning, snow and even scents to enhance the movie experience. The term Regal uses is “immersive.”

Much of the work underway is hidden behind plastic sheets. We’re told the grand unveiling of all the new features is expected to happen sometime this month (September).

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