A new coffee shop is tentatively in the works for the Village at Leesburg — taking over the space vacated by the Bean Bar coffee shop that closed in October. Herndon-based Weird Brothers Coffee is close to finalizing a lease for the spot.

Image: Google Maps

Weird Brothers was started as a coffee truck by Paul and Kenny Olsen — the “weird brothers” — before they moved into a brick-and-mortar location. Sadly, Kenny passed away several years ago, but the brand has lived on in his memory. There are two locations in Herndon, and Leesburg will be their third.

Image (here and at top): Weird Brothers Coffee

The brand roasts its own small batches of coffee beans and serves up a variety of hot and cold beverages. If the Village at Leesburg deal goes through — and every indication is it will — Weird Brothers will rebrand the space and touch it up. They tell The Burn they would love to be open by Christmas.