Loudoun restaurants team up to try and survive pandemic

Efforts include joint events and a multi-restaurant gift card.

A Bloomberg business article out this week said that at least 110,000 restaurants have closed around the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. Regular readers of The Burn know that Loudoun County has not been immune with many closures locally. Every restaurant is looking for new ways to survive the upcoming winter and we’re seeing some unique undertakings.

In an unusual move, this Saturday, December 12, ChefScape at the Village at Leesburg is partnering with Wild Wood Pizza and Spanky’s Shenanigans for special event. During the day, guests at ChefScape can order pizzas from Wild Wood down the road and have them delivered to their table at ChefScape as they watch the Army-Navy football game. Meanwhile, bartenders from Spanky’s will be guest-bartending at ChefScape and serving up The Fallen, a beer from the nascent One Family Brewing in Lovettsville that honors fallen service men and women. The event continues into the evening with a performance by the rock band The Renegades. This type of multiple restaurant collaboration is a new trend we’re hearing more about.

Another project that is in the works in Loudoun has a bunch of area restaurants teaming up to all accept a single gift card. The hope is that this will take some of the worry out of buying restaurant gift cards in these uncertain times and fearing an establishment could close before the card is used. Details on this endeavor are forthcoming.

  1. David 2 years ago

    Over the past two weeks, as cases have “surged” new daily hospitalizations have average 2 or fewer people a day. Think about that; there are ~425,000 people in Loudoun and 2 a day go into the hospital for COVID and for this we are crushing businesses and doing unimaginable life-long harm to children. Hospital capacity at Stone Springs and INOVA (Ashburn) is not even 85% total. That means these hospitals are likely losing money. At what point does the irrational fear of our leaders and tens of thousands of Loudoun’s residents give way to basic life risk management: If you are over 70 and have other illnesses, protect yourself. Everyone else, get back to business and school and get rid of the masks.

    • Debi 2 years ago

      I’m happy to see someone that is not afraid to say what lots of people are quietly thinking. Thank you!! 👏

    • Debi 2 years ago

      I’m happy to see someone that is not afraid to say what lots of people are quietly thinking. Thank you!! ?

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