Goosecup coffee and cocktails coming to downtown Leesburg

The new shop will open “soonish” on South King Street near the W&OD Trail.

A new coffee shop that will apparently also have cocktails in the evening is headed to a new storefront on South King Street in Leesburg. The shop is called Goosecup and it sits in a recently constructed building just in front of the new King Street Station condo development, near the W&OD Trail.

The shop includes an indoor seating area, as well as a large outdoor terrace. There are no details yet on the specific menu that will be offered at Goosecup, but the signs outside say they will offer both coffee and cocktails as well as food. The hours — 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. — indicate it will be a place that transitions from coffee shop in the day to cocktail spot at happy hour and into the evening. That’s just an educated guess. We’ve got messages in to the Goosecup team to confirm and get more information.

Goosecup is the latest addition to a burgeoning “coffee row” on King Street. Neighbors up the street on South King include Kahvila Coffee House and King Street Coffee. No word on when Goosecup will open. The signs and website just say “soonish.”

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