New pizza place taking over Squisito’s in Ashburn Village

The new restaurant is reportedly called Carnegie Pizza.

Squisito Pizza & Pasta, a restaurant in the Ashburn Village Shopping Center in Ashburn, has closed its doors permanently. That’s according to an announcement made on the Squisito website. Meanwhile, a new pizza place called Carnegie Pizza will soon take its spot.

“We are saddened to notify you that as of today, our Squisito Pizza & Pasta Ashburn location at 44050 Ashburn Shopping Plz.. is permanently closed. We have been honored to provide you with high-quality Italian food and to have been welcomed as part of your local community,” the message reads.

The Squisito location in Ashburn Village when it opened in 2017.

The restaurant has been sold to new owners. We’re told they will keep the same staff, but open a new pizza restaurant in its place called Carnegie Pizza. New signage is in the works and the new Carnegie Pizza is hoping to open tomorrow — Friday, April 2.

Squisito first opened in Ashburn in October 2017 and made a name for itself with its pizza, pastas and savory garlic knots. It was part of a small, Maryland chain with roughly a dozen locations.

(Image at top: Squisito Pizza & Pasta)

  1. Johnny 3 years ago

    Yay! Another generic bland pizza place

  2. B Miller 3 years ago

    Wow, i’m really saddened by this. I love pizza and have tried pretty much everything pizza place around. Squisito’s was near the top. The pizza was so addicting. The crust, cheese and the sauce were just perfect. Garlic knots were very good too. Some of the other dishes, I was not so crazy about.

  3. Jon H Marshall 3 years ago

    I will miss them so much and the awsome staff they had

  4. Cat Lover 3 years ago

    I loved Squisito’s 🙁 So sad!

  5. Joan Contreras 3 years ago

    This is the only pizza muy daughter likes… sad they’re closing.

  6. Jim Firmani 3 years ago

    We ordered the Grandma pizza. We then compared menus at home. Nearly identical except for higher prices.

  7. Brian 3 years ago

    I stopped by the new Carnegie Pizza this past weekend. They were opened and I was psyched to try a new pizza place. Admittedly, I wasn’t a big fan of Squisito…it was ok, but they could have done a better crust and sauce. I’m a big fan of pizza and a big fan of local and smaller chains, not the big boys who basically seem to put sauce on cardboard!
    Anyway, I went in with very high hopes to try the new pizza and see the new menu. I was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED to learn that there is NO NEW MENU! It is the same menu, the same pizza recipe, the same ingredients, everything… THE GUYS BEHIND THE COUNTER SAID THEY JUST REPRINTED THE OLD MENU WITH THE NEW NAME.
    I’m not sure the full story on their closure, but if their food was good they would still be open as Squisito…(nobody has stopped buying pizza). A new name will attract people for a minute, but it’s the food that would bring them back (if it is good). I’m baffled that someone would come in and just change the name and expect success in a already failing restaurant.
    Needless to say, there was no reason to try the food…I already knew it wasn’t great. But worse was that I felt cheated (swindled really) and (almost) insulted, because the name CARNEGIE PIZZA (which is a real place in NY) denotes real authentic NY pizza – but it turns out it’s just a marketing ploy. I wonder if the owners really changed hands at all. This article unfortunately gives the impression that this was going to a new place (but with the old staff – first clue there…).
    Big Pass for me.

    • MOMO 3 years ago

      That’s what they may have said, as they serve the same things. But, t it all tastes different and not bland at all. The sauce is definitely different!

  8. Robert 3 years ago

    It’s smart, why pay a royalties fee of 4-10%? Some Franchise are run so poorly, pushing costs to Franchise/small business owner. This way owner has more leeway of how to run a business. Good Luck.

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