bkd Bagels opening new bagel shop in Loudoun

The brand has become known for their gourmet bagels via custom orders.

A new bagel shop is coming to Loudoun, but we can’t say just where yet. And it’s a name already familiar to many locals. bkd Bagels has announced they have signed a lease for a brick-and-mortar location that they hope to open sometime this summer.

bkd has been around for at least a year now — making small batches of gourmet bagels that were delivered to or picked up by eager customers. Now, they are ready to take the next step and open an actual bagel shop. The only hitch — they’re not announcing the location yet. Which means The Burn won’t sleep until we have uncovered their secret.

A bagel charcuterie board from bkd bagels. (Images: bkd bagels)

Wherever it’s going, the new bkd Bagels store will feature a menu that includes — and we quote — “scratch made bagels, bagel sandwiches, bagel charcuterie boards, a variety of cream cheese flavors, in-house cold smoked lox, coffee, champagne/mimosas, local craft beer & more.” Sounds like our kind of place. Stay tuned.


  1. LW 2 years ago

    I want to see all Loudoun businesses succeed. It’s good for everyone.

    I did not notice a location mentioned, but regarding bagels: if there is an underserved location, then maybe this bkd will have a chance.

    I perceive the market as saturated (as a non business owner). I hope they don’t inflate their prices based on some false assumption that we are going to pay it. Burger, coffee, donut, bagel, cookie or ice cream places may seem low risk, but it’s a fickle market with many competitors. If you’re not adding value, strategically located and competitively priced, then you’re about to lose a lot of money. v/r

  2. Louis 2 years ago

    This should be a gold mine. There are no good bagels in eastern loudoun. Ashburn bagel sells inedible bread shaped like a bagel, then there’s Panera. Someone who makes good bagels in eastern loudoun will have a massive success of their hands.

    • Linda 2 years ago

      Agree. Panera is not a bakery. I know these bagels are boiled and baked! Hooray!

  3. Ron Lang 2 years ago

    Could this bagel shop be coming to the new Birchwood Commons in Brambleton? Do we know anything else that might be a good fit for Birchwood?

  4. Not needed 2 years ago

    The owner of the building Don Divine is the problem Bites should have stayed.
    Also there is benders bagels that is to close by.

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