Picture of the Week: Helicopter hovering over Ashburn high school

Ashburn residents who heard a helicopter flying overhead this morning may have wondered what it was doing. Now we know it was installing a piece of heavy equipment on the roof of Briar Woods High School.

These photos were sent to us by a reader of The Burn. He reports that the chopper was being used to lift a large mechanical  unit into position on top of the school located off Belmont Ridge Road.

The equipment was staged in the bus loop parking lot at the school, with the nearby water towers looming in the background. It was then attached to the helicopter via long cables and lifted into place.

The photo is our latest “Picture of the Week” — an on-and-off feature on The Burn whenever someone sends us a cool, funny, interesting or otherwise eye-catching photo. If you see something like this, snap some photos and send them to .