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Ashburn soccer star soars to new heights

Leslie Fox still remembers that time when another mom made a snarky comment about her daughter. Parents don’t forget such things. It was at a youth soccer camp – well, not just any camp, but the Olympic Development Program. Even at 11 or 12 years old, Emily Fox was being eyed as world-class material. Parents were watching the action on the field when one piped up.

“It was just an offered statement. It wasn’t even that we were in a conversation,” Leslie said. “It was just kind of out of the blue.”

That unsolicited opinion: “Well, Emily’s Virginia good.”

Virginia good. What does that even mean? The woman went on to say that local competition was one thing for young Emily, but “we’ll see how good she is outside Virginia.”

We’ve now seen it.

In last year’s player draft for the National Women’s Soccer League, the first name called was … Emily Fox of Ashburn, Virginia.

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