Loudoun’s Chuck E. Cheese getting a fresh look

Loudoun’s Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and entertainment center at the Dulles Town Center shopping mall will be getting a makeover this summer, that will include a fresh look inside and out.

The plans call for new paint, new signage, new tables and chairs, new decor, new restrooms, and so forth.

Above, you can see an artist’s rendering of what the new facade of the building should look like.

The games themselves are expected to remain more or less the same — Chuck E. Cheese already swaps new games in and out periodically.

We’re told if plans stay on track, the work should start sometime in July and wrap up by September. A grand re-opening event is being planned.

The Chuck E. Cheese will be open during the makeover, with much of the work being done outside of business hours.

(Image at top: Chuck E. Cheese)

  1. Kyle Dumouchelle 1 year ago

    Was hoping when I clicked this that it was an announcement that it was being taken over by Round 1. Unfortunately not it seems.

    • Matthew Sharpe 1 year ago

      With so much empty space in Dulles, that the only way that place is going to survive. Round 1 (preferred) or a D&B

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