Ashburn Magazine

Axe throwing lawyer featured in latest Ashburn Magazine

Everyone’s favorite local magazine — Ashburn Magazine — is out with its latest issue and Suzie Bassett is on the cover. She’s the lawyer from Ashburn who also happens to be a professional axe thrower.

The magazine profiles Suzie and how she went from beginner to a serious competitor in record time. Plus, she’s got tips for readers who want to improve their axe throwing skills.

Other stories in this issue include a fun profile of the sweet couple that owns and operates Cafe Opera in The Broadlands. It’s one of Ashburn’s oldest restaurants and the story behind its name is fun too.

There’s also an interview with a local author who has written several horror/thriller novels set in Ashburn. Just don’t ask what happens to his characters when they go driving down Waxpool Road.

A local photographer shares images and memories from her African safari this summer. A skateboarding teen finds a way to turn his hobby into a helping hand for others. And we go exploring in the woods along the Goose Creek for the ruins of an old canal and lock.

These stories plus much more in the latest issue of Ashburn Magazine — available around the community. Click here for a full list of locations.