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Loudoun lawyer is a master in competitive axe throwing

Like most attorneys, Suzanne Bassett flings a heavy satchel over her shoulder when she leaves her office for the day. But sometimes Suzie, as her friends call her, isn’t simply carrying a big load of case files to review.

“You never know what a woman has in her bag,” laughed Bassett, as she opened it to reveal a gleaming collection of hatchets, axes and knives.

Those eye-opening implements have made it through baggage checks at airports across the country. That’s because, at press time, Bassett is the top-ranked female in the World Axe Throwing League.

Images: Astri Wee Photography

When you include men, she’s still No. 53 overall – out of more than 5,000 active league participants worldwide.
“I’ve always been competitive, both academically and in sports,” said Bassett, who lives in the Broadlands in Ashburn.

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