Tous Les Jours sign up as Lotte Plaza targets May opening

There’s been slowly building excitement in eastern Loudoun County as the new Lotte Plaza Market at the Countryside Marketplace shopping center gets closer to opening.

It’s not just excitement over the new Korean/international foods grocery store — which will feature an all new design and layout different from the brand’s previous stores. It’s also about some of the extra features planned.

As The Burn has reported, the French-Asian bakery brand Tous Les Jours is opening its first Loudoun County outlet inside the Lotte Plaza. And the store will also feature what its calling its Sijang Market — a food court of sorts hosting different kiosks offering a variety of Asian dishes and cusine.

Signs for Tous Les Jours and the Sijang Market have gone up on the exterior of the Lotte space.

We took a peek inside on a recent visit to the shopping center. Signage is up on the walls and much of the shelving and other fixtures have been installed. Posters announcing that Lotte Plaza is now hiring staff are hanging on the windows.

We spoke with one member of the Lotte Plaza team at the site and he said right now, they are targeting a May 1 opening for the store.