What Loudoun’s huge Kincora development could look like

One of the most frequent topics readers of The Burn ask about is the massive Kincora project that straddles the line between Ashburn and Sterling. It’s been in the works for more than a decade, but only a fraction has been built — at least so far.

Today, we’re sharing a real estate graphic that shows what the future Kincora project could look like when it’s all built out. Similar images have circulated in the past and this one is from 2022, so it’s always possible that plans have already changed.

Nevertheless, on it we can see the main Kincora campus off Russell Branch Parkway north of Gloucester Boulevard near the confluence of SR 28 and Route 7. (This image is “sideways” directionally. North is to the right.)

We can see two pink-ish colored buildings on either side of the development. On the left, the arrowhead shaped building is the proposed National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations.

The museum on the right, marked with an A, is the future Northern Virginia Science Center.

At the top of the diagram, where is says “186 units sold” — that area includes apartments called The Jameson and Heronview — as well as condos — that have already been built and are currently home to many residents.

In the center of the map, you see some yellow-ish buildings with parking lots — marked P — around them. These are apartments that will be situated over several blocks of retail shops. The red lines along the edges indicate the retail areas.

Picture the Village at Leesburg, with stores and restaurants on the ground floor and apartments overhead. No tenants have been announced for these retail spots yet.

The blue-ish buildings at the bottom of the diagram are office buildings, and note the red lines indicating more retail shops below some of the offices.

Finally, over to the left of the image, you can see a building that is marked with an L. That would be a proposed data center — because it wouldn’t be Loudoun County without a data center somewhere in the plans.

Images: KLNB

Of course, the Kincora development extends to the south (left) of this diagram and includes the new Temple Baptist church and school, as well as the existing fire station, the existing Wawa gas station, and the upcoming Celebree childcare facility. A hotel is also scheduled to be built by the Wawa.

Again, there is no guarantee when Kincora is fully built out that it will look like this. Many developments that take years to come to fruition see changes to the original plans.

Just ask anyone in South Riding about the Avonlea project that is slowly under construction and far different from what was originally proposed. Or the Commonweath Center development off Loudoun County Parkway that originally hoped to offer attractions akin to a Dave & Busters and is now pursuing additional residential units instead.