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Burning Question: What’s the latest on the Triveni Supermarket in South Riding?

Burning Question: It has been more than a year since the announcement came out about Triveni Supermarket at the old Food Lion location. Has anyone heard updates or an ETA? — Rajesh K. (via the South Riding Community Group)

Rajesh is correct. The Burn broke the news about the Triveni Supermarket brand bringing their first location to Loudoun County last July. Since then, area residents have been keeping a close eye on the progress.

And indeed, once permitting was complete, construction began moving forward on the 43,000 s.f. former Food Lion space in the South Riding Market Center.

We reached out to folks involved in the Triveni Supermarket project and we are told that tentatively the supermarket is aiming to open sometime in November or December.

Separately, part of the space is being carved out as a banquet hall and event facility. That isn’t expected to come online until sometime in the first half of 2024.

In the photo at the top of this story, you can see the supermarket space to the left and the interior walls that are being built for the separate banquet area on the right.

Of course, as anyone who follows construction and business openings knows — timelines can slide when there are unexpected delays or supply shortages. But this is the best estimate we have at the moment.

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