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Ashburn eye doctor offers unique treatment for constantly dry eyes

An Ashburn-based eye care specialist is offering a simple and novel treatment that could bring huge relief to people who suffer from the common condition known as dry eye. Believe it or not, it may be as simple as a tiny plug.

Dry eye usually happens when the eyes don’t produce enough tears or at least not good quality tears. This can lead to dryness, a stinging, burning sensation, redness, blurry vision and even a sensitivity to light. This in turn can impact a sufferer’s ability to read, use electronic devices, or even drive.

If left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to corneal damage and vision impairment.

So Dr. Seema Mohanan of Optics&EYECARE in the Broadlands now offers a treatment known as punctal plugs. These small devices are biocompatible — meaning the body accepts them easily — and when they are placed in the tear ducts, the help prevent excessive tear drainage. In turn, this helps keep natural tears on the eye’s surface, providing lubrication and reducing dryness.

“Patients at Optics&EYECARE have reported significant relief from dry eyes after receiving punctal plugs,” said Dr. Monahan. “They have experienced reduced discomfort, improved vision, and a restoration of everyday activities without constant eye irritation.”

Even better, punctal plugs are usually unnoticeable once inserted into the tear ducts and patients rarely have any discomfort or problem with them. Some types of punctal plugs dissolve over time, while others can be easily removed whenever necessary.

To learn more about the Dr. Monahan’s personalized care plans available to patients suffering from dry eye and to find out more about punctal plugs, you can visit the Optics&EYECARE website here.

(This is a sponsored story on behalf of Optics&EYECARE.)