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Boyd Brown III serves up viral cuisine from his Ashburn kitchen

When chef Boyd Brown III posted his secret recipe for lemon pepper wings to Instagram, pairing them with his homemade blue cheese dip, a minor viral riot broke out among his more than 300,000 followers over the merits of blue cheese versus ranch.

Images: Chef Boyd Brown

The Ashburn-based chef and digital creator followed up the post with a video recipe for the blue cheese dip and the provocative statement, “Ranch is for kids, and I stand on that.” Viral chaos again ensued.

Someone who has always cooked for his family and friends, Brown, 46, has become a popular food content creator, with a lively community of half a million followers across Instagram and TikTok. Known for his elevated sandwiches and smart takes on New American cuisine, he signs off each video with the tagline: “Picasso, follow me for more.” 

“I think of my food and the way I put together my videos as art,” Brown said.

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