New Lovettsville Co-Op Market sets opening date

It’s the news residents in the Lovettsville area have been waiting years for — an official opening date for the new Lovettsville Cooperative Market has been announced.

According to the new grocery store’s Facebook page, Wednesday, November 1 will be the big day.

The store — called the Lovettsville Co-Op, the Lovettsville Market, or just the Co-Op — has been in the works for more than a decade.

It’s part of the Lovettsville Town Commons development which will also feature other new retail and office tenants.

The town of roughly 2,700 residents near Loudoun’s northernmost point hasn’t been big enough to attract a major supermarket brand. Nevertheless, there has long been a desire for a larger grocery store by the town’s citizens and neighbors in the surrounding countryside.

Now, the Co-Op hopes to fill that role. “The Lovettsville Cooperative Market will soon be a full-service grocery store featuring over 7,000 items, including locally produced foods and products,” the store’s website reads. “At the Co-op, we prioritize sourcing our food and products from local farmers, producers, and vendors, ensuring that our customers know exactly where their food comes from.”

“Since the Co-op is community owned, profits will be used to benefit our community and members can have a say in important Co-op decisions,” the site continues.

The doors are expected to open at 8 a.m. on November 1. More grand opening details will be forthcoming.

(Image at top: Lovettsville Cooperative Market)