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Nearly forgotten Ashburn watering hole has a new claim to fame

Sometimes a journey can start with something as simple as an old black-and-white photo spotted online. Such was the case with the Hanes Pool Room, once a local watering hole in the heart of Ashburn, but today nothing but a fading memory for a few old-timers.

It started in June when Greensboro, Ga., resident Steve Foote shared a photo on Facebook showing his mother – Joan Lorraine Alban – “posing on a mid-’40s Plymouth in front of her grandfather’s [John Hanes’] pool room in Ashburn, Virginia.”

Sure enough, behind the young woman, a sign on the façade of the building reads “Coca-Cola” in big letters, and above that, “Hanes Pool Room.”

But where exactly was this Hanes Pool Room? When? How long was it here for? When did it close? What was it used for?

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