Morning Mystery: What is Akshaya Patra coming to Ashburn?

Every once in awhile, a story comes along with more questions than answers. Such is the case with the Akshaya Patra, which is coming to the Broadlands community in Ashburn.

Akshaya Patra has signed a lease for the 4,000 s.f. space in the Broadlands Village Center. It’s taking the spot that used to be Malgudi Veg, an Indian restaurant.

The question is — what exactly is Akshaya Patra? We believe it’s a restaurant — probably an Indian restaurant. But attempts to confirm that with the landlord have proven challenging. It’s our latest Morning Mystery here at The Burn.

Adding to the confusion — there is a huge international charity — active in Virginia — that provides food to people in need and it’s called Akshaya Patra.

The term Akshaya Patra comes from an ancient Hindu epic. It’s a copper vessel that provides a never-ending supply of food.

So, the name is appropriate for a food-based charity, but it would also be a good name for a restaurant.

We’ll keep trying to get more information on Akshaya Patra in the Broadlands and report back when we do.