Northern Virginia gets first ever Hot Wheels Champion Experience

Lots of kids grow up playing with Hot Wheels, the little diecast metal cars sold in toy stores and at checkout counters across the country. Now, those same kids — and kids-at-heart — can experience Hot Wheels in a whole new way.

Northern Virginia is the very first location for the upcoming Hot Wheels Champion Experience. It’s scheduled to open at Tysons Corner Center (1961 Chain Bridge Road) on Friday, December 15.

“Hot Wheels Champion Experience combines exhilarating digital and hands-on play in a 16,000 square foot immersive environment. Visitors of all ages will imagine, create and experience Hot Wheels like never before,” the event’s website reads.

So what exactly will visitors experience and be able to do. Here’s a description of the activities available.

  • Hot Wheels Designers: Use creativity to design their own digital Hot Wheels car, watching it come to life on an interactive screen
  • Tracker Builders: Build a custom Hot Wheels City inside an interactive Augmented Reality room
  • Ultimate Heroes: Defeat monsters and creatures taking over Hot Wheels City
  • Speed Machines: Race against the competition using physical body movements to digitally drive Hot Wheels cars
  • Smash Champs: Stunt and compete as Monster Trucks on a monster-sized projection, dodging any hazards that come their way
  • Virtual Drivers: An Augmented Reality experience, allowing guests to see themselves driving a Hot Wheels car 
  • Epic Winners: Pose on the winner’s podium, celebrating your accomplishments to become a Hot Wheels Champion 
  • Hot Wheels Central will also allow guests to track performance and collect digital memorabilia, videos, and tokens gathered during the experience, extending the fun past the event

Below is a diagram showing the planned layout of the Hot Wheels Champion Experience.

Images: Hot Wheels Champion Experience