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Ashburn charity uses greeting cards to spread love and support

Kimberly Baker lives in Toledo, Ohio. That’s 450 miles from Ashburn – a seven-hour drive. But something that started right here in our community has touched Baker’s heart – and thousands of other hearts too.

“I’ve had some teary-eyed days in the past few months and when I checked the mail and saw a card – the timing was so perfect,” said Baker, who has struggled with bouts of depression and even homelessness. The simple greeting cards offering encouragement were from an Ashburn-based nonprofit, A Bright Spot, and they really made a difference.

“I call it a God-timing thing,” she said. “The words were perfect, and the stickers always brighten my day.” 

A Bright Spot was started in 2022 by Dee Schrader, who lives in One Loudoun. Its goal is straightforward – to help ease the pain and hurt people are experiencing in life.

To learn about the volunteers who donate and create the cards, how far A Bright Spot has spread, and the special person who inspired the cause — click here and read the rest of the article at the Ashburn Magazine website.