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Crazy accident leads to amazing new jewelry store in NoVa

“I fell through a ceiling.” That’s the simple explanation for how Lexie Badawy launched her new business Golden Bond in Reston last year. You see the former hair colorist had a three-story leak in her home that damaged the floor and left a hole from her kitchen to her basement. It was during the pandemic and getting a repair crew in was taking time. One day, she mis-stepped and down she went.

“I dislocated five joints and when I tried to go back to coloring hair, I just couldn’t,” she said.

Fast forward to a girls’ trip to New York City where Lexie and her friends decided to get permanent jewelry to commemorate the trip and their friendship. “We walked out of the store, and I turned to my friend, Meredith, and said, ‘I love power tools. I could do this.’” Next thing you know — here we are.

Here is Golden Bond — a hidden gem serving all of Northern Virginia from its home base in Reston. This woman-owned boutique elevates permanent jewelry beyond a fleeting trend made popular on apps like TikTok. Instead, it’s about creating lasting memories and empowering you to express yourself through your own personalized “sparkle.”

Unlike a typical pop-up at a farmers’ market, Golden Bond offers a truly unique experience. Their permanent jewelry makes the perfect gift for someone you care about — a best friend, sister, or significant other. Or it’s a great way to show yourself some love and self-care too.

Step into Golden Bond’s cozy lakeside studio and draw a “Golden Vibes” affirmation card, which will help set the tone for your personalized journey. Tuck the card away in your exclusive Cleanse + Care kit, a daily reminder of your new sparkle.

Next, you embark on a guided jewelry adventure. Explore various permanent bracelet and anklet chains, finding the perfect piece that reflects your style. Want to personalize it further? Select a Golden Bond gemstone charm or connector, symbolizing a cherished memory or meaningful bond.

The magic happens when a skilled stylist custom fits your chosen piece. Then, with a gentle “spark,” they permanently secure it, creating a painless and unforgettable bonding experience. Walk away wearing your story and your sparkle — a constant reminder on your wrist or ankle.

Founded in July 2023, Golden Bond has become a local favorite that offers more than just permanent bracelets and anklets. Explore their clasped necklace bar featuring stunning 14k gold and sterling silver pieces or find the perfect artisan gift.

They even offer private parties and event bookings, making Golden Bond the perfect destination for any occasion. Call (703) 939-7303 or click here for more details.

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Golden Bond.)