Hawaii Fluid Art entering Northern Virginia market

An unusual new paint-and-sip style art studio is working on its first location in the state and it will be right here in Northern Virginia.

It’s called Hawaii Fluid Art and they have announced the signing of a franchisee to bring a location to Reston. The actual location hasn’t been revealed yet — and it’s possible that it hasn’t even been selected yet.

What is Hawaii Fluid Art, you ask. It looks like various types of paint are poured or drizzled on a canvas and then moved around to create a unique design.

“Different pigments of paint are made of different materials, each with a specific weight and density,” the company’s website reads. “Depending on the pigment’s viscosity and quantity, they move around, sometimes mix, and often they rise or sink to create the appearance of organic cells on the canvas. There is always a bit of mystery as to what your final piece will look like, which is part of the joy of this technique.”

Images: Hawaii Fluid Art

They also offer glass painting and other types of unique art projects.

The company has locations open or in the works in at least 17 states across the country. But it appears the future Reston studio will be the first one in Virginia.

If you aren’t familiar with the paint-and-sip business model, they are often art studios where individuals, groups of friends, couples, and others can come and be guided by an instructor as they create a piece of art.

Wine and other libations are often part of the experience, although it depends on the company and local laws.

An upscale paint-and-sip studio called Muse Paintbar is currently under construction at One Loudoun in Ashburn.